Private Ceramic Classes

Private Ceramic Classes

The private ceramic classes are meant to let the student to accomplish own project from beginning to the end.

During making one piece student will learn different techniques involved in creating ceramic art by hand building of slab of clay. Projects might be based on pottery or sculpture art piese. Choice of the art project is up to the student.

Plan of classes:

  • Draw the sketch real size on paper. (To save your time on the lesson you can make your own sketch at home)
  • Build that piece from slab of clay
  • Learn how to clean surface of the piece
  • Work with glaze to cover surface of piece
  • Fire art work in the kiln
  • Take home finished art work

Our “Private Ceramic Classes” art program offered for adults only. The program will orient students to many traditional methods of hand building clay. Working with pinching, coiling and slab techniques, press-molding and slip casting.

Sessions are informal, with time for experimentation as well as consolidating basic techniques. The classes designed to meet with individual needs and varying levels of art students.

All lessons are 3 hours long

Fee for this art program best per person:

    • First lesson is 3 hour long at the rate of $ 25 per hour (includes materials such as clay, glaze and firing).
    • Second lesson is 3 hour long at the rate of $20 per hour.
    • Third and fourth lessons are 3 hour long at the rate of $15 per hour.
    • Fifth and sixth lessons are 3 hour long at the rate of $10 per hour.

Decries of prices is connected with the progress of the student. As the student progresses he or she requires less of attention from the instructor.

Average length of “Private Ceramic Classes”┬ácourse is 6 lessons (three hours each)

Sculpturing through hand building is an ancient art of crafting clay. Unlike wheel thrown ceramics sculpturing, hand ceramics has endless possibilities for both the beginner and experienced artist.

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